Some meditation and relaxation resources for you to use

For me, the essence of Yoga is summed up by the definition in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras many centuries ago, where he described Yoga as being about "the cessation of the turnings of the mind". This is what I believe is the essence of Yoga. We work with the physical body to keep ourselves supple, strong and physically relaxed - but that is a means towards enabling the mind to be more calm and quiet, letting us see the world more clearly. Mind and body are inextricably linked in Yoga.

Below are some relaxation and meditation resources which you might find of use in addition to your Yoga practice. They are there for you to download and use if you find them helpful.

An Introduction to Meditation meditation handout.pdf

A brief and simple introduction to meditation, covering some basic ideas, trying to de-mystify meditation and make it accessible.

Creating a Haven Creating a Haven.pdf

The process of using your memory and imagination to create a special place in your mind where you can go to relax and be at peace when that is what you need.

Only the Present Exists Only the Present Exists.pdf

Some brief, personal thoughts on mindfulness and the importance of being able to live our lives here and now, not in the past or the future.

Stilling the ripples of the Mind Ripples.pdf

A short guided meditation on the theme of stilling the ripples of the mind.


I've now also produced a relaxation CD, "Stilling the Ripples" which you can purchase online from this site. 

If you have any question or wish to follow up the ideas in the files, please get in touch. Also any feedback is always welcomed.