What's going on at the moment and what's coming up in the near future?

Chill Out Day in MayFollowing the Winter Wind - Down last November, I'm now looking to follow up with a day of relaxation and meditation on Sunday May 17th. The venue is the same as before, Eathorpe Village Hall. The aims of the day are to relax, enjoy ourselves and pick up some ideas about relaxing and using our time to make life less stressful. Please get in touch if you are interested in coming along.

Differentiating my Yoga Offer at the Canal Basin - One slight variation on my classes at the Canal Basin in Coventry is that I'm looking to differentiate my Yoga offer slightly. Up until now, I've pitched the level of my teaching to whoever turns up to a particular session. However, after the break over Easter, there'll be a little more variation between the classes at the Basin. The 6.30 class on a Tuesday will be a slightly stronger, stretchier , more dynamic class. The 6.30 class on a Thursday will be a more relaxed, more easy-going session. The 8.00pm sessions will remain as they are now, pitched to whoever is with me for those sessions. The aim of the changes is to cater for a slightly wider Yoga audience. For those of you who know my Yoga, I'm sure you'll appreciate that when I talk about a stronger, more dynamic session, all things are relative and my classes are never going to be too challenging and always run in a very relaxed easy- going way. Get in touch if you need more info.