The benefits of a personal training programme centred around Yoga

A personal trainer can help you to achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals. The advantage of a personal trainer is that the programme that you will be working to is designed to meet your needs and to fit with your timetable. If you are thinking about finding your own personal trainer, there are good reasons to consider a programme based around Yoga rather than the traditional gym based approach.

My Yoga based personal training focusses on balancing your physical wellbeing with helping you to calm and focus your mind. This is certainly not a "no pain no gain" approach, its about working more gently with body and mind to help you to achieve your goals

What is involved?

My approach starts with a detailed assessment of your needs. There is no set package of activity, everything is tailored to meet your physical and emotional needs. The programme is likely to involve Yoga exercises known as asana, Yoga breathing practices, relaxation and meditation, cardio-vascular exercise programmes, dietary advice and support.

We start with an initial assessment meeting. Subsequently I would suggest one meeting per week for the first month or so, until the programme is established, then less frequent meetings, but contact maintained via e mail. If you are interested in working with a friend or friends to develop personal programmes together, that can be an enjoyable way of making progress. Give me a call or send me an e mail for more details and an initial conversation.